A remote island.

a fractured past.

can she escape...

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Photograph by Meagan Peacock

Born in tropical North Queensland, Brooke ​graduated with a teaching degree and left ​to see the world. Since then, she’s lived ​and worked in England, Scotland and Hong ​Kong and is currently based in an ancient ​fort town shaped like a snowflake in the ​Netherlands.

She’s fascinated with the psychology of ​psychological thrillers and thinks there’s ​nothing more terrifying than human nature.

When she isn’t writing, Brooke combs fields ​for shards of Delft pottery and reads ​thrillers until she’s too scared to sleep.

THE FOG is her debut novel.

Meet ​Brooke

About the Book

A woman on the brink travels to a ​remote writers’ retreat to uncover the ​secrets of her past – and lands ​herself in a deadly situation that ​could destroy her future.

Kate arrives on the wild, remote island of Rathlin in the freezing Irish ​Channel for a ten-day writers’ retreat. Plagued by memories she can’t ​unravel and desperate to understand the breakdown of her marriage, ​Kate is determined to leave the retreat with answers.

As the retreat’s director uses techniques that tap into the eerie ​mythology of the island, Kate becomes increasingly fascinated by him ​and her surrounds. But as the temperature plummets and the strange ​therapy intensifies, her memories unspool. Triggered into a series of ​disturbing flashbacks, Kate realises her past hides a frightening truth, ​but can she trust her own mind?

Faced with dark secrets and duplicity, Kate must unlock the answers ​she’s so desperate to find – and survive the danger she has unwittingly ​walked into.

Road in Dingle, Ireland

Dear Reader

At twenty-five, yearning for adventure, I travelled to Rathlin Island. It ​was December, and the island was bitterly cold but visually ​dramatic. I was keen to explore, and when a kind local offered a ​sightseeing tour, I jumped at the chance. Soon, we were driving ​along staggering cliffs to the furthest reaches of the island and a ​solitary lighthouse embedded into a cliff. When he said there was ​no way to leave without the ferry, I asked why anyone would want ​to. He agreed they wouldn’t, not only because of its astounding ​beauty but because there wasn’t any crime.

It made me think... what if someone did commit a crime in a place ​like this, and what if that crime was murder?

Almost two decades later, with this question still burning, I attended ​a writers’ retreat in North Yorkshire. It was held in the former home ​of Ted Hughes, with Sylvia Plath buried in a graveyard nearby. As ​the retreat progressed, strange things happened: doors slammed, ​an eerie fog descended, and lights abruptly extinguished. Were we ​being haunted by the ghost of Sylvia Plath? I couldn’t help but ​observe the group dynamic, becoming gradually more interested in ​them than the program.

What if a group of vulnerable writers were lured to a manor, ​haunted by the ghosts of other tortured writers and unable to ​escape? Would they be driven to insanity? Murder? I already had ​the perfect setting, Rathlin Island, and got to work. I’d written the ​first draft in one hundred days – THE FOG was born.

Brooke Hardwick

Photograph by Meagan Peacock

Praise for The Fog

"The Fog is a haunting debut ​that delves into the human ​psyche and our ability to cope ​when pushed to extremes. ​Author Brooke Hardwick ​intertwines a harsh, remote ​island with a mysterious ​history and mythology to ​create a challenging ​environment which echoes ​the inner turmoil of the ​characters. This dark, eerie ​read will keep you on edge ​until the very last page."

(Petronella McGovern, author ​of The Last Trace)

"A mind-bending gut punch of ​a novel. I had my heart in my ​mouth the entire time I was ​reading!"

(Dinuka McKenzie, author of ​Taken)

“The Fog by Brooke ​Hardwick is a hard book to ​put down. It follows the ​journey of Kate who joins ​three other writers on the ​eerie remote island of Rathlin ​off the northern Irish coast ​who are all attending a ten-​day course to overcome ​writer’s block. In this ​smouldering novel, past and ​present collide as secrets are ​unlocked and dangers lurk ​around every corner. Brooke ​Hardwick is a master of ​tension and suspense.”

(Vikki Petraitis, author of The ​Unbelieved)

Photograph of Rathlin Island by ​Douglas Cecil

My trip to Rathlin Island

The Writers’ Retreat

Photograph of Rathlin Island

by Douglas Cecil

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Photograph by Meagan Peacock

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A remote island.

a fractured past.

can she escape...

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